Sunday, 29 November 2009

Awesome tapes from Africa!

A real treasure hunt:

go here

lately only music "outside western idiom" brings me any joy or rest.

listen to the Middle East Divas as well: Fairuz, Googoosh, Ofra Haza. though all of them represent different worlds, from LIban to Israel, from more traditional-influenced arabic music to euro-pop, they are still something different. i wonder if im not committing the classical sin of orientalisation, famously postulated by Edward Said, a Palestinian himself; nevertheless, this trip into the world of different rhythms and pitches was and still is fascinating.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

6-weeks-Notebook #56 & some explanations

hello again, after a while...

first, a link to 6-weeks-notebook that just appeared:
go here

contains my interview w/ David Crowley, London's V&A curator.

"Winter kept us warm", TS Eliot famously wrote in the Waste Land, but it's not enough an explanation, when winter is paving her actual way through our houses and hearts. the toughest time of the year has just begun and I have no solution to this amount of a sudden lowkey mood and depression. many things has just collapsed in my life.

it appears, that maintaininig a blog is really a job that one has to devote to to some level...
and it seems my latest work totally eclipsed my blog activity.
so my freelancing job pushed me to conduct a number of interviews of more than 10, including established London curator (effect above in the link, though in Pl as usual), Renata Salecl, a famous psychoanalitic theoretician, , Ewa Kuryluk, my cherished artist and writer, some artistic collective called Critical Practice, a guy from Chto Delat, Swedish writer who authored a book on Ulrike Meinhof and Milena Jesenska, a journalist, who wrote a book on Marlene Dietrich, Hungarian author of a 800-pages long novel on Adam Mickevitch...
last few days I spend with Jakob Jakobsen, founder of Copenhagen Free University and our improvised Flying, Nomadic University of Warsaw, which was based on meeting in private flats and parting while exchanging knowledge...

and now I have to write all of it down. make a story. write articles people would read. make it interesting and useful. make it a source of knowledge.

is blogging really for me? I started to ask myself this question after I haven't desired to write anything for the last 3 weeks.
maybe I will return to regular writing, but I just feel better outside the omnipresent NET at the moment. if anyone started to read this blog and were ever interested, forgive me for this impertinence and inconsistence.

i just know i have to focus more on something else now. some form of life, people, taking care of someone/something. that sounds extremely cheesy, but this is just the way it is. since I didn't have any agreement w/ anybody about this blog and it's a mine and mine only space, I just decided to suspend it for a while.
maybe im just not a material for a blogger, maybe this form of responsibility and discipline have to wait for a better moment.

so see you soon!