Thursday, 10 September 2009

absolute beginner

It is me, an absolute beginner in the matter of blogs, despite reading them for quite a long while. I'm starting a blog after being encouraged by friends, who probably had enough of my fbook and non-fbook activity and adviced me to create a space, where I could pour out my never-ending mind-mill-stream-of-conscioussness.

The title of this blog is taken from a little book by Michel Leiris, Nights without night and couple of days without day, a collection of short stories - dream descriptions he had been writing down for nearly 40 years, since early youth till the publication of the book in 1961. Writing down your dreams in a 40 years span always seemed kind of strange activity to me and can you imagine something more banal indeed? Yet, after spending numerous night sleepless, resulting from insomnia I suffer from time to time, I realised this strange non-reality between dream and non-dream took away enough a bit of my life to take a closer look at it.
I like the idea Nerval expressed, that "Dream is our alternative life" and in this life we live equally intensely and this is also the way we perceive reality.

At the beginning of the Pervert's Guide to Cinema Slavoj Zizek repeats the famous scene form Matrix and seated in front of Morpheus instead of Neo, demands the "third pill", that is: neither the blue one, by which he goes back to the reality; nor the red one, which will take him "as far as the rabbits burrow leads", that is the Matrix. He doesn't want to take away the fiction from the reality, because we need fiction to put an order on the reality, so he's asking for the third pill.

The third pill enables to see not the reality behind the behind the illusion, but the reality of the illusion itself. if my inquiries, capriccios or musings have any "goal", let it be experiencing the intense reality of wonderful illusions of daydreaming.

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