Sunday, 17 November 2013

"It was not real love, it was only something physical ..."

Rainer Werner Fassbinder is probably my favorite director, definitely my deep fascination for years, since I first saw his films and become an aware cinephile asa teenage girl. I never wrote about him in here, beside a small fragment on In the Year of 13 Moons in the post on Christiane F./David Bowie and he will feature a bit in my book. Recently I discovered the several films I still haven't seen from his corpus (44 films and several serials, mind) are actually available online. Here's 1972's Jailbait with a young, nymphettish Eva Mattes as an overdevelopped 14 year old who defies her petty bourgeois parents lifestyle and starts seeing a 19 year old unskilled worker. Then it involves illicit sex with minors, class war, death threats and a gun.

There's a scene in this film in which such piece of dialogue really occurs - when her parents find out that their daughter's hymen has been busted by a certain proletarian, they have this conversation: 

Mother: The Nazis had their faults.

Father: I would rather 100,000 Jews murdered than this happen to us!

He really knew what he was doing to his nation, the fucker.