Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Polish 80s pop-futurism - an appendix to the Quietus excerpt

In addition to the excerpt published today at the eminent Quietus, I thought it would be nice to publish some stuff that didn't fit to tQ's page and is fun to watch and vitally enriches the context written out in that fragment.

So here's more tracks from Kontrola W - industrial New Wave mavericks:



The End

Stay in Motion

Izabela T. - the queen

Song of the Brick - mock-Socialist realism, after which Iza had trouble in the Party

pretending a Newton-sque businesswoman with nowhere to go to work, posing by the socialist skyscrapers

one of her memorable Opole song festival performances

A curio - pre-80s, interwar cabaret style TV performance, pay attentio to the low cost but maximum effect foil decoration

electro pop extravaganza, I'm Your Sin

Urszula, who specialised in musing on outer (even if only mental) space and various kinds of surrealism, eg. that she's going crazy from a shopping frenzy...(in 80s? Poland no way!)

Seasonal Shopping Frenzy

Great Flight

"Loose-blues, and holes in the sky"

Raspberry King

Kora & Maanam - goth- New Romantics; first Polish band ever played on MTV

"It Gets Darker", directed by Zbigniew Rybczynski (Polish avant-garde filmmaker, laureate of an Oscar for animated film, Tango in 1980), teh first Polish song played on MTV.

Lipstick on the glass (!!)


Kapitan Nemo - king of futuristic synthpop

Your Lorelei

Electronic Civilisation


  1. Do kompletu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-WsyeZ5qLo

    1. http://youtu.be/EmpSwNv4f2M